What is Contract Intelligence? - Construction Circle

What is Contract Intelligence? - Construction Circle

Circles will obtain information about regionally available ‘contracts of work’ (including tenders) which could be of interest to other members. Regions will vary in size geographically because each region will contain approximately 1 million people (as a minimum). The first region to ‘go live’ will be North London, which will include the Boroughs of Camden, Islington, Hackney, Barnet, Haringey, Enfield and Waltham Forest.

This ‘contracts of work’ information will be available to Elite Members and Sponsors and will be detailed via the Circles Members portal on the website.

(Learn more about becoming an Elite member or Sponsor here)

Circles will have representatives working locally within each region liaising with members (and non-members) to collect details of work opportunities coming available. The back office team will then collate and classify these opportunities so that Elite members see the most relevant ones first. Any interested Elite member can then simply ‘express an interest’ to receive further details about the opportunity.

Our local Circles representatives will also visit Site Managers and Project Managers to build a rapport, therefore being one of the first to know about forthcoming opportunities. They will also liaise with the local press / other organisations such as the Chamber of Commerce and local professional organisations, with their primary goal being to collect and collate opportunities on behalf of the Circles Elite members.

You, as members can assist the process by informing your local Circles representative of any work opportunities that your organisation will be creating.